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2121 6th Ave Seattle, WA
Mon-Fri 8am-9pm
Sat–Sun 10am-8pm
Molly Melkonian
General Manager
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HAPPY HOURS | 5:30pm - 7:30 pm, Monday - Friday

Monday: 25% off household items

Tuesday: 25% off canned goods

Wednesday: 25% off cheese & charcuterie

Thursday: 25% off sauces & dips

Friday: 10% off wine


​New York style pizza by the slice or the whole pie.

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Pick up a 6-pack of Rainier or try one of our many Craft beers and ciders


Don’t have your own Italian nonna? No worries!


Cuoco’s lasagna only needs your oven to heat it up. Seven layers of deliciousness- bolognese sauce, handmade noodles, besciamella and parmigiano reggiano


Indian Street Food in Downtown Seattle

A quintessential Mumbai street food, the Frankie is a delicate wrap with savory fillings like spit roasted masala chicken or roasted cauliflower and spinach


Made from scratch

Whether it’s curing our own meats, or roasting chickens for pot pies, we like to create all of our food from scratch! If you don’t have the time to roll out your own fresh lasagna noodles, let us do it for you!


Classic giant-size pepperoni slice for lunch or dinner


There’s nothing quite like comfort food!

Seatown’s Chicken Pot Pie is the perfect solution to warm you from the inside out. A flaky butter crust covers fresh veggies and tender chicken enveloped in a silky gravy with hints of thyme. Also available: lamb and mushroom pot pies 

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Add a Dahlia Bakery cookie to your meal


Pastrami is BACK! Fridays only so come grab one while they last!


Pick it Up Quick

Step up to the counter at Home Remedy where our cooks are available to customize everything from savory rice bowls to hand-carved sandwiches like our housemade pastrami, griddled Frankies, an Indian style crepe filled with flavorful meats and vegetables. These staples are always available along with daily specials and steaming soups for you to enjoy on the spot or take back to the office.


At Home

Looking for delicious fixin's to cook with or just to stock your pantry like a pro? We have a wide array of specialty, local and imported foods to enhance your meals at home. Don't feel like cooking? No sweat! We also have a selection of fully cooked and frozen favorites from our restaurants that just need the warmth of your oven including lasagna from Cuoco, bratwurst and pretzels from the Brave Horse Tavern and pizza crust from Serious Pie (just to name a few things). Let us pair your pretzel and pimento dip with a local brew or pick a bottle of wine for you to settle into a movie with. We've also got snacks and some basic sundries just in case you need an emergency tooth brush or an emergency bag of chips.